Why is nano iodine so important for the human body?

Why is nano iodine so important for the human body?

Why is nano iodine so important for the human body⁉️

Firstly, each cell of the body contains and consumes iodine, secondly, white blood cells cannot effectively fight the infection without the necessary amount of iodine, thirdly, iodine is concentrated in the glandular system: thyroid gland, mammary gland, salivary gland, parotid gland, pancreas and lacrimal glands.

What distinguishes the Renaissance Balm from the so-called "analogues" of this group of drugs is, first of all, the same formula of organic iodine, found and improved over the course of 17 years by a group of scientists from Kazakhstan, which is able to penetrate the cell at the molecular level and affect the focus of the disease, plus it is monovalent, the drug does not accumulate in the body without causing the same so-called iodism (an excess of iodine in the body), and those iodine residues that the body does not uzhny.

Renaissance Balm is a safe and unique source of organic life-giving iodine, literally after a week of intake you will feel the very Japanese power of this mysterious element, vitality, improved sleep, peace of mind and clarity of thinking will become your constant companions.

And after a month of priyom, you will understand that there are simply no diseases as such, and this is not magic, this is the action of the very element that was simply removed from our diet.